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The Freeheel Life Podcast

Dec 20, 2021

John Falkiner is originally from Australia where grew up on a large sheep farm. His father, who learned to ski in Europe before World War 2, introduced him to skiing at 5 years old at Mount Buller in Victoria, Australia.

As a young man he bought a one-way ticket to Europe in 1973 and started working in Verbier, Switzerland. In 1975 he ended up getting a gig helping haul film gear around for famed ski move maker Dick Barrymore which introduced to the Hot Doggin’ scene.

He’s competed at a high level of Alpine skiing. On top of that he’s appeared in over 80 film productions as a professional skier including several James Bond films. He’s also a IFMGA certified Mountain Guide.

And in 1978 he was introduced to Telemark skiing by way of the legendary Karhu team who was visiting the area.