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The Freeheel Life Podcast

Jul 18, 2022

Christopher Ulm is originally from York Beach, Maine where he learned to alpine ski at places like Sunday River. Once high school was over he decided to pursue a degree at the University of Maine and also participate in a ski industry certificate program. It was during this time he developed an interest in the education side of skiing, which later led him to move to Alta, UT and get a job as an instructor around 1990.

As he began to get involved with Telemark skiing in Utah, he helped organize events with the organization Wasatch Telemark. And in the early 2000s he became involved with helping support and create the USTSA Freeskiing series with Jeff Wright and many others. He served as the President of USTSA for almost a decade as well. 

He currently lives in Salt Lake City where he still skis nearly 100 days per year.

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