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The Freeheel Life Podcast

Sep 12, 2022

Kevin Templin grew up moving around and skied a little bit before taking a job in the Carrbassat Valley where he worked at Sugar Loaf Ski Area in Maine. His brother had moved out to Alta, Utah and eventually convinced him to head out west where he scored a job at Alta Ski Area. During his stint there was when he brewed his first batch of beer with some Alta friends. They used to put it in an old mine cart and push it back into the old mine to keep the temperature correct.

After years of working at other breweries in the Salt Lake valley, he opened Templin Family Brewing in 2018. We talk about being a ski bum, google tans, and how cool it is to see people drinking TF beer up on the hill. 

Learn more about Templin Family Brewing: HERE

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