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The Freeheel Life Podcast

Feb 13, 2023

It's a good time in the Telemark season to take stock of what you've done, what you wish you did, and what you are still planning to do. In today's episode I'm going through some check points of the mind, body, & gear that I think make for a better Telemark season on the snow. 



  1. Take stock of how the season is progressing. 
  2. Go over the goals that you had set for yourself this season? How are they progressing? 
  3. Are you having fun? Soul laps, taking time to balance out things on the hill. 
  4. What types of things do you want to focus on in the coming weeks: Technique, hit that run you’ve never done before, new things, work on old things


Podcast to listen to:


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  1. How is the body holding up? 
  2. Are you skiing within the realm of what you are doing for your body? Not pushing unnecessarily
  3. Rest & recovery 
  4. Improving how your body works on the hill — are you efficient in how you are Telemark skiing? 
  5. Finding ways to challenge yourself in the last half of the season: vintage gear, 


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Ep.  113: Author & Coach Kate Galliett - Becoming Unbreakable: How To Build A Body You Love To Live In



  1. Time to do a once over on all of your equipment: Boots, Bindings, Skis 
  2. Great time of year to test new gear on a variety of snow conditions: powder, hard pack, slush, etc. 


Ep. 150: How to Choose a Used Telemark Gear Setup


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