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The Freeheel Life Podcast

Sep 19, 2022

Jeff Cox always wanted to be an inventor. Even at the youngest ages, living on the east coast, he wanted to create things. As an adult he would become a mechanical engineer, but never gave up on his interest to create new ideas. In fact, he kept lists and lists of inventions that he thought he could possibly create one day. 

His father was the first person he knew that Telemarked – which also sparked his interest later in life to try it himself. But it wasn’t until he saw his mom, who was also a Telemark skier, try to put on a leash with her mittens on that he thought about creating a better leash. 

Bluebird Day Gear was born some time around 2011 and started with his newly designed leashes. Through feedback over the following years from some of his first retail shops, he added two other products: Smile Plates and Heel Levers. 

In 2019 Jeff approached Freeheel Life Industries to acquire the small but successful brand. Although there were some delays in moving the operation to Salt Lake City because of Covid in 2020, BBDG is now back in full production and housed in the Freeheel Life HQ in SLC, UT. 

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