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The Freeheel Life Podcast

Nov 8, 2021

Nikita Isaev is originally from Moscow, Russia. He grew up playing outside regularly in the winter on the slopes around town sledding as well as cross-country skiing. His father was an accomplished cross-country skier himself and also had access to downhill equipment during a time when many people did not. The boys and their father would often go to mountains near Sochi to ski on the slopes there.

After high school he moved to Vermont to attend St. Michael’s College. It was here that he continued to ski, and also had his first glimpse of Telemark skiers. Although it wasn’t until he was teaching skiing in Verbier, Switzerland that he picked up Telemark himself and began learning the turn.

He currently lives in the Krasnaya Polyana region of Russia where he has assembled his own fleet of Telemark equipment that he rents and loans out to people in the area.

This was a great conversation and a great glimpse into an area I’ve wanted to know more about and what Telemark skiers are there.