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The Freeheel Life Podcast

Mar 7, 2022

I have a couple guests today. My friend CJ Coccia from Telemark Colorado is back on. He’s one of the brains behind Telemark Colorado along with his buds Brian Strickland & Erik Jensen. He is rolling solo today, reppin’ The TC Crew but he has brought with him two other guys: 

Taylor “T2” Hennum:  who was born in New Hampshire and grew up at a small hill called Granite Gorge. T2 moved to salt lake city last year to work at freeheel life and improve his tele turns. 

He’s also brought along Curtis Devore — who since a young age, had a passion for photography and filmmaking. Growing up near Lake Tahoe, he always appreciated the outdoors and enjoyed using a camera to capture his favorite moments in life.  He attended Colorado Film School, where he obtained a film degree emphasizing in Cinematography.

We had a great chat about Telemark Colorado’s movie WHY NOT? That dropped this past fall. All three of these guys were involved in the production in different ways and I thought it would be great to get them together for a chat about it all.



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