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The Freeheel Life Podcast

Feb 22, 2021

This week Josh is coming in hot with a few of his tips about adding size and shape to your own Telemark turn. Don't get stuck in the same cycle over and over with these tips and tricks to use natural terrain to improve.

Step 1: Identify where you’re at in your Telemark turn proficiency. Beginner, Intermediate, Expert, So Rad You Don’t Have a Description For Yourself

Step 2: Identify what type of turn you are making? Small, medium, large, no shape, etc.

Step 3: Pick out natural features that are going to give you boundaries, or expand your limits:

- Moguls

- Trees

- Open Groomers / edge to edge

- Rocky area 

Step 4: Once you have added a 2nd style/shape turn to your repertoire, it's time to mix the two together.

- Use open terrain first w/ no obstructions.

- Then find some slopes that have sections to it. Make an obstacle course.

- Get to where you are able to mix up your speed and the shape and style of your turns.

Step 5: Repeat, Repeat, Repeat




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