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The Freeheel Life Podcast

Jun 27, 2022

On this week’s podcast I respond to a forum thread called UTN: Universal Telemark Norm along with some listener emails about last week’s podcast. It’s a continuation about the need for a single norm in Telemark and how that could benefit the market, culture, and more.


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Jun 13, 2022

This week Freeheel Life GM Taylor Johnson and I sit down to debrief on his adventure to the Telemark Only festival in Schiltorn, Switzerland. This trip was his third to the festival, so it was the perfect time to cover some of the travel hot tips for this festival and ski travel in general. 

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Jun 6, 2022

Inspired by the philosophies and techniques of the 19th century Hudson River School of artists, Ian’s artistic vision is one of revival. He works to restore the classical landscape movement with a modern insight on preservation ethics and reverence for wild spaces. Ian’s goal is not to create a perfect likeness of...