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The Freeheel Life Podcast

May 30, 2022

Sun Valley Tele is a loose collective of like-minded skiers keeping the freeheel faith alive in the historic telemark bastion of Sun Valley, Idaho. The current roster took the reigns from local tele personality Danny “Irie” Walton in 2011, with 8-10 “board members” keeping the good times rolling for the last 11 years, mostly via one obnoxious group text. Though details remain hazy, the “organization” has been hosting annual events since the late 70s, persevering though multiple recessions, the advent of Dynafit, housing insecurity and innumerable low snow years before finally being stopped in their tracks by the pandemic in 2020. 2022 marked the triumphant return of the Sun Valley Tele event calendar with regional meetups at Bogus Basin, Soldier Mountain, and Rotarun ski area before culminating April 9th at the traditional Hawaiian Nationals slalom race and demo event. The 2022 Hawaiian Nationals will be remembered by some as “the worst snow we’ve ever skied”, but commemorated by all as “one helluva time” with deep crews and individuals answering the siren’s call from no fewer than 7 states across the west. This year’s Hawaiians highlights included 85 racers, free beer from series sponsor Sawtooth Brewery, the legendary mega-raffle, a DJ, reports of a speakeasy tattoo parlor, and complimentary demos from allies Bishop Bindings and 22 Designs. Sun Valley Tele would like to thank their sponsors, resort partners, Ullr, and most importantly their families for facilitating their continued telemark evangelism.

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