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The Freeheel Life Podcast

Mar 27, 2023

Jakob Schiller is from New Mexico where he grew up and went to school. As a high schooler, and when the snow was lousy at his local resort, he used to pull out a pair of 210 cm Tua skis mounted with flimsy Voile telemark bindings and then strap on a pair of thrift shop leather telemark boots. This is how he got started in Telemark skiing many years ago.

He’s worked as a journalist for the likes of POWDER magazine, SKI, Outside, WIRE, and more over the years. But it was his recent piece in SKI, titled EVERYONE SHOULD OWN A TELEMARK SETUP, that caught my attention. We had a great conversation of what drives people to Telemark ski, how it looked back when both of us started vs. now, and maybe where it’s heading.


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