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The Freeheel Life Podcast

Apr 20, 2020

Ty Dayberry has been a staple name in the Telemark world for the better part of two decades. He started his freeheel skiing journey at age 10 in and around South Lake Tahoe where he grew up. In 2004 Ty was showcased as an up-and coming, albeit still young, Telemark skier in Josh “Bones” Murphy’s final telemark ski film, Unparalleled 4: The Lost Season. He went on to appear in every major telemark ski production company of the time: Toughguy Productions, Lipstick Films, Falling Forward Films, Unparalleled Productions and the Powderwhores.

Over the years he helped innovate new tricks and style in Telemark park and backcountry skiing through his segments and online edits. He’s also been a free ride coach, and inspired countless young Telemark skiers, from around the world, to jump and innovate their own tricks.

In recent years Ty released his own Telemark short-film called Future Freeheel along with two other short films with his collaborator Bevan Waite under the name Mountain Grown Media. And the list of accomplishments goes on.