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The Freeheel Life Podcast

May 11, 2020

I first got wind of the Telemark Colorado guys a few years back when I started seeing some meetups and some edits go up online. Colorado has always been a strong hold of Telemark Skiers from the early days until now. I’ve worked with these guys on some T-shirt collaborations over the past few seasons for Freeheel Life and we helped support the king of the heel video competition this season… and I’m just super psyched on the style and energy that they are bringing to our Telemark community right now and wanted to find out more about how the whole thing started.


From Telemark Colorado's Website :

Telemark Colorado was put together to serve as the Apres ski bar for our niche knee dropping community. To indulge in the turn, indulge in the gear, maybe have a beer or two, and probably crack some jokes. 

So for those who want to believe telemark is dead, let them think that. And for us, we can celebrate the aspects of telemark that brings us together and coming back for more. Let’s all keep our knees to the ground and our beers to the face! Welcome to Telemark Colorado.